The Fire Garden San Diego Wedding

From our very first call, I knew Lauren and I would not only get along like two peas in a pod but that she and Keith were planning a day that would be something truly special. This incredible, intentionally planned, and beautifully boho wedding day took place at The Fire Garden in Bonsall (near San Diego) California.

Keith & Lauren decided early on that, just like their story and vibe, they wanted their big day to be anything but traditional, nothing but uniquely THEM. This played a huge role in the day being so beautifully and carefully curated. From the ceremony set up that Lauren put together herself, to the airbnbs they chose to get ready in, down to the signage - this day was special. As they exchanged their vows you couldn’t help but feel their deep and unique connection for one another, you were either cracking up or there must have been onions everywhere. Just beautiful. Following the ceremony, everyone began setting up their tents to stay overnight- see this is how cool Lauren and Keith are. They wanted all their guests to have fun, to be able to drink and have a good time and feel like they were attending a festival (I mean, how cool?) so the night of the wedding everyone was invited to camp overnight in tents on the venue site! Every person there received a handwritten card from Lauren about why she loved them (including the two of us *heart melts*). I can’t even begin to encompass all the beauty of this day but if you were there, you’ll never forget how you left there feeling: full of love, good food, and AMAZING memories.

Bonsall, San Diego County, California


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