We’re Zoë & Andrew. We are a husband and wife photography team currently calling So Cal our homebase but, let’s be real, we love going ANYwhere and EVERYwhere!

I've (uhum, Zoë speaking) had a passion (can I call forcing my family to model for me that?) for photography ever since I got my first camera at age 12. I then had the incredible opportunity to second shoot my first wedding at just 15 years old while living in Central America and the passion for photographing couples (let's be real, OBSESSION) took off from there! Fast forward a few years, back in Southern California and in comes Andrew. After a day on the beach surrounded by mutual friends, we had our very first conversation with each other and guess what that was about? Photography. What are the chances? We bonded on how much we both love the creativity and the imagination behind uniquely creating your own images!

We wed in 2018 and now share this crazy passion for couples AS a couple! When it comes to your wedding, there will be moments shared by the both of you that one camera just can't capture. By having a husband and wife duo a part of your day not only can we be in two places at once but you’ll be getting two artists' unique perspectives and angles. 








Here's a little about us


We believe no wedding is the same and yours deserves to be uniquely captured. We push ourselves to consistently create art and are intentionally creative with our work. We strive to go beyond solely a shot list on one of the most important days of your life. Our passion is capturing memories and sometimes even moments you never would’ve known happened otherwise. After all, these are the photos that will allow you to feel how you felt for years to come.

When it comes to the planning process, we know how overwhelming it can be! We were in your shoes at one point, and as fun as we tried to make it, it was still stressful at times- how were we supposed to know everything that was needed?! This is part of why we strive to help our couples wherever we can. If you need a second opinion, have a question about your timeline, or need someone to vent to, we are here!

We truly value you as human beings and will do everything in our power to help you have the smoothest, best day possible! We will arrive early to ensure we can find parking, meet your awesome planner in advance, and begin thinking of all the creative angles and shots we can get at your stunning venue! This way by the time it says “Photographer Arrives” on your timeline we are already at location, set up and ready to take some amazing images!

Are we as good a fit as tequila and lime? I hope so!

working with us

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February 2021

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona

May 2021

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

January 2021

Honolulu, Hawaii

May 2022

Sequoia National Park, California


"The second I got off our first call I knew it was going to be so special working with her, I felt like we were best friends already! That carried through the entire experience leading up to our wedding and throughout our entire day together."

Ally & Mike

"Zoë and Andrew are so down to earth, professional, and talented. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Kelsea & andrew

"Zoe and Andrew are such a great team, and they made both the engagement shoot and the wedding day shoot so much fun. We had full trust in their creativity, and the photos turned out INCREDIBLE!"

corey & Stephanie

"I really wasn't sure if all these super positive reviews could be real life because how could two people be so amazing but....the reviews are TRUE ya'll! I can't thank myself enough for following my gut and picking Zoe (and Andrew!) to be our wedding photographer!!"

Keith & lauren