Joshua Tree & Twenty Nine Palms Bridal Session

What if the spot you DREAM about to take your bridal photos is much too far from your venue site to do it in one day? Take Keith and Lauren as an example then! These two wanted to have an epic ceremony and party with ALL their friends in the place that meant the most to both of them, San Diego, CA. But the ethereal, stunning look of the Joshua Tree National Park landscape was exactly what they wanted their bridal portraits to look like. So we made the bridal session it’s own day, renting a SUPER cute Airbnb to get ready in, make breakfast and journal together, then have a record player dance session. (Ya, HOW CUTE IS THAT) We made our way into town walking around some funky shops to get some fun photos wearing hats and glasses, and getting compliments from some confused and impressed locals. (LOL) After that, we made our way into the park utilizing the rocks and amazing Joshua Trees to get those perfect photos they had been envisioning. We ended with such a beautiful winter sunset where we HAD to incorporate Keiths *other* baby - his 4Runner. This entire day is a stunning example of what the possibilities are by utilizing a separate bridal session!

Joshua Tree & Twenty Nine Palms, California


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