Intimate San Diego Wedding 

If I had to describe this beautiful San Diego wedding day in three words they would be: fun, intimate, and curated. Ally and Mike put countless hours into planning something that was going to be so intentionally and uniquely them. From curating a boho, funky fun vibe to forgetting traditions like a cake cutting for cookie platters and a pinata filled with Fireball. These two made sure their day was about their love and the things they love. This included starting the day at Solana Beach where Mike and his closest friends surfed and spent the morning in the ocean. What better way is there to start the most important day of your life than at your favorite place doing what you love? After surfing, then getting ready in the back of his van, we met up with Ally at Annie’s Canyon Trail where they shared the sweetest first look (I mean just look at Mike’s reaction). We then headed back to the Airbnb where the heartfelt *seriously tear jerking* ceremony would take place followed by a cocktail hour with a live band (AKA- Ally’s brother and father) playing. Their private chef (an old time friend) cooked the most amazing meal for everyone- what could be more personal than that? By the end of the night, everyone was having a good time on the dance floor and let’s be real, there’s no better way to end a wedding night. 

Solana Beach, San Diego, California


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